Stand Up Pouches for Oatmeal

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When it comes to packaging, nothing catches a buyer's eye faster food packaging in stand up pouches.  A recent post on Amazon says it best: “To be honest, I tried this oatmeal because I thought the packaging looked nice … tasted better ... can't wait for more flavors!” 

Stand up pouches are ideal for cereals (think granola) and exotic oatmeals (think Quinoa) and even Quaker Oatmeal.  These packaging solutions are quietly being showcased on cereal aisles across the U.S. While it's too early to tell if a trend is emerging, it's worth noting that there is wide global acceptance of pouch packaging for oatmeal, dry and liquid products, food and non-food product lines..

This is not to say the cereal packaging industry has chosen to replace the tried and true plastic bag insert in cardboard boxes.  That packaging solution has been around for a very long time in the U.S. But it is safe to say that stand up pouches made of recyclable, renewable, flexible, puncture resistant barrier film oxygen absorbers will lock out harmful elements and keep products fresher longer.

Stand Up Pouches come with a variety of options including zip locks for easy open, easy close;  tear notches, hanging holes, pour spouts, handles, and if needed gas release valves.

Our pouches feature oxygen absorbers, high-barrier film, custom printed designs rotogravure imprinted with eco-friendly paints to create visually stunning packaging solutions that showcase beautifully on store shelves. Big or small, tall or stout, flat bottom or stand up, spouted or zip locked, pouch packaging will always grab attention on store shelves.  Why not visit StandUpPouches.NET and request SAMPLE PACKS – it’s easy and FREE.

How We Use FDA Food Grade Materials with Our Creative Food Packaging

Sunday, March 9, 2014 by

We sometimes get questions about the types of materials we use when making flexible food packaging. Although we can make bags with materials suited for packaging everything from detergents to organic granola, we always use FDA approved materials. In addition, the only materials that touch food products are FDA approved food grade films. Our pouch bags can be made of several layers, but the only one that touches the product is the inner layer.

The first, or outer, layer of the bag has barrier properties, puncture resistance, and is stronger than other layers that make up the bag. The next layer is the second or inner layer. This part of the bag is where the printing goes and is thus very thin and not used for strength. It does have some barrier properties but it is mostly used to show the crisp graphics of our custom printing.

Depending on the product, other layers can also be present, but the inside film is always going to be the food grade layer because this is the only part of the pouch bag that comes into contact with the product. This combination of laminated layers results in stand up pouch bags that make use of barrier films and beautiful, professional printing for strong, high quality stand up packaging.

To learn more about our cost effective, high quality stand up bags, please see our site and reach out today.

Benefits of Box Style Side Gusset Flat Bottom Pouch Bags for Cereal

Monday, March 3, 2014 by

There are several styles of stand up pouch bags, including the box style, side gusset, flat bottom bag. Although that name might sound confusing for those not in the packaging business, believe us when we say that this is an exciting new type of packaging for cereal, granola, and other dry foods. Basically, this type of flexible food packaging somewhat mimics the shape of a cardboard cereal box while also reducing costs and keeping the product fresher for longer. It also has the following advantages:

  • Saves space: The flexible nature of this packaging saves a lot of space in the warehouse and on supermarket shelves.
  • Uses less film and packaging materials: Since more product can fit into a smaller area, less materials are used. This lowers costs and also reduces landfill space (although our bags are also recyclable).
  • Five sides for high quality branding: Sharp graphics, bright colors, and the story of your brand can be shown on five different surfaces of the bag.
  • They have a ziplock: Since these bags also have a ziplock, they keep the product fresher for longer periods of time after the bag is opened and are more user friendly.

To learn more about how our stand up packaging can help sell more of your product, please see our site and reach out today.

Stand Up Pouch Bags for Every Type of Liquid Product

Thursday, February 27, 2014 by

Stand up packaging has been used to package coffee, gourmet teas, and other dry food products for several years. For this reason, a lot of people only associate pouch bags with this type of product. Nevertheless, the truth of the matter is that stand up bags can be used for many other types of products, including liquids such as juices, soaps, and even wine. We use our high quality stand up bags to package everything from gravies to sauces and wine and can do this because we have developed a process as suited to packaging liquids as it is for packaging granola and other dry foods.

Our quick and easy process begins with basic questions that tell us how the product should be packaged and ends with high quality, custom printed bags. Once we know what the product is, how much weight will go in each bag,  and how you would like to store, transport, and sell it, we can design stand up bags that use materials tough enough to protect the product in those situations. We will also know how many barriers should be used in the bag to keep your liquid product fresh and safe from contaminants. A bit later in the process, we will also work with art that is sent to us or can create art to help market and sell your product.

To learn more about how we put liquid products into high quality flexible food packaging, please see our site and reach out today.

The Second Step to Put Your Product into Custom Printed Pouch Bags

Monday, February 24, 2014 by

The second step in our custom stand up pouch bags process involves questions about the criteria for your product. In other words, we need to know information about where you plan on selling the product and how you would like to sell the product. This information is vital because it helps us design the best type of stand up packaging for your product. 

For example, if you plan on selling granola, pancake mix, or whatever else the product might be, we need to know if it will be sold in a store window or on the shelf because the temperature is going to be more controlled inside the store compared to a warm, sunny window. Sunlight can also affect the product and packaging so we need to know that information to design the most appropriate flexible packaging. Another criteria to consider is whether the product placement could be affected by odors from the surrounding environment. These and other criteria details are necessary because each product and situation is different. At the end of the day, having answers to questions about criteria helps us put products in creative food packaging of the right size, materials, and for the right price.

To learn more about our detailed, quick, and easy process for custom, printed stand up bags, please see our site and reach out today.

The Advantages of Barrier Film Stand Up Packaging

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Pouch bags are an ideal form of packaging for a wide variety of products and the ability to put custom high quality printing on the entire surface of the bag makes them excellent venues for automatic marketing. However, one of the other main benefits of using this type of packaging comes from the barrier films that go into the bag. Barrier films are engineered to protect products in several ways including:

  • Protection from odors: Using more than one layer of film makes it possible to keep odors away from dry food, coffee, and other products during storage and while the product is sold on the shelf.


  • Moisture: Vapor and moisture can be a big problem for bread, granolas, and any product that is subject to mold. Barrier films truly keep mold spores away from the product as opposed to cheap plastic packaging that only uses one thin layer.


  • Sunlight: Sunlight can affect some products and can also heat up packaging to the point of ruining chocolate and other heat sensitive items. We can make creative food packaging that takes this into account.


  • Lower cost: Barrier film bags require fewer materials and this translates to a reduction in costs for a number of reasons.


To learn more about the benefits of our barrier film flexible food packaging, please see our site and reach out today.

What are the Different Stand Up Pouch Bags for Food Packaging?

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When it comes to all the different food products that are on the market today, there is no one size that fits all. Different products need different packages, yet they can still all find a home in stand up pouch bags. This is because stand up pouches fit all requirements of flexible food packaging, no matter what type of product you’re selling.

Spouted packages, capped packages, resealable packages, along with the many different types of materials available all make stand up packaging the right choice for any type of food product.

Want to know more? Check out this YouTube video we’ve created to show you all the many different types of stand up pouches, and the many different types of food products they can hold. Just a few of these are cereal, granola, fruits, nuts, veggies, spices and sugars, as well as different kinds of cookies and crisps. We’ll walk through each of these, showing them to you and explaining the different benefits your product will receive when it’s placed in a pouch.

Check out our video today, and then give us a call. We’ll be happy to show you even more different types of pouches, and how they can benefit your product.

Use Stand up Packaging for Dry Food Products

Sunday, January 26, 2014 by

Packaging for Dry Food ProductsDry foods have been an important part of the food industry ever since people started selling grains, seeds, and other dry foods in ancient markets. Dry foods continue to be popular to this day in the biggest of supermarkets and include such popular products as tea, coffee, granola, nuts, and pizza dough mix. We are very familiar with the packaging needs for these and every type of dry food because we provide packaging for a wide variety of dry food products. As it turns out, stand up pouch bags are just as ideal for dry foods as they are for liquids, snacks, and pet food.

Our bags are such a good choice for every type of dry food product because we work hard to find the best materials for your product while also helping them stand out on the shelves of the biggest supermarkets. We accomplish this with a careful, refined process that includes learning about the product in question to see if it needs a foil pouch, clear laminated film, or other materials. Once we have the right information for your product, we can make stock stand up bags or custom bags with high quality printing. Our graphics department can help with artwork if needed, and our high quality, rotogravure printing results in packaging with bright clear colors, and graphics. During our process, we work hard to get your dry food products into the best packaging while minimizing expenses.

To learn more about our quick process for creative food packaging, please see our site and reach out.

Pouch Bags for Cereal and Granola Packaging

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Granola PackagingGranola and cereals have been packaged in bags or bags within boxes for decades but increasing numbers of cereal companies are switching to stand up packaging. This switch in packaging is happening for the same basic reasons that drive changes in just about any business; cost and customer satisfaction. In terms of cost, stand up bags are hard to beat for cereals, granola, and a wide variety of food products because they are the cheapest food packaging option on the market. Customers also like the bags because they are easy to use, store, and can be made with resealable zippers and spouts.

They can of course also be made with materials that keep food products fresher for longer periods of time. When we make flexible food packaging for granola and cereals, we take the time to pick out bag materials best suited for the product. Those materials might be clear film, metalized film, or even a foil pouch. No matter which materials are used, we also use high quality rotogravure printing for the bag to give it professional, crisp graphics (this is the same type of printing used by the big boys in the industry). One of the other advantages that we offer to clients is the ability to print as few as 5,000 pieces.

To learn more about our experience with packaging cereal, granola, and other food products, please visit our site and don't hesitate to reach out.

Finding It Difficult to Price Your Creative Food Packaging? We Can help!

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When your company is looking for a different way to package your cereal or granola products, we at Stand Up Pouches can help. The days of stuffing it into bulky boxes are slowly becoming a thing of the past, as customers want to clear up storage space in their cupboards and have something they can easily take with them on the go. Our creative food packaging provides another, much better solution to those boxes; and by using them, you can greatly help your business and boost your profits.

Our food pouches packaging are available in a number of different styles and materials, and we’ll work with you to find the one that’s best for you. The problem some of our customers face with this is finding the right price point for it. Should it be the same as those other boxed cereals? Are customers receiving the same amount of the product, or more or less than what comes in those boxes? And how do you even start to price something that comes in stand up pouch bags? These are just a few of the most common questions we’re regularly asked, and they’re ones that are easy for us to provide an answer with.

When you use our packaging for your product, we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your business is making a profit, and that customers are receiving a great product at a reasonable price. Watch this YouTube video to find out more, and then contact us to see how we can help you package your product properly.


Think Pouch Bags Are Just for Snacks and Pet Food? They’re Great for Cereal and Granola Too!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014 by

The chances are good that you’ve seen pouch bags before. They’re often used for packaging pet food as well as for things such as nut packaging. But if you sell cereal or granola products to your customers, stand up pouches can also make a great vehicle to get your product out to your customers faster and easier.

Check out this YouTube video, in which we explain why granola and cereal are perfect products to place in a pouch, and how we can help you do it. This type of food product is just the kind that people are always looking to take with them on the go, place into lunches, and use as snacks for along the way – wherever they’re going. And that’s exactly why a stand up pouch is the best type of packaging for them.

In addition to just being great packaging, you’ll also get the full package with us here at Stand Up Pouches. We’ll help you with everything from package design to even marketing your product. Watch the video and then contact us today. It’s your product. We just want to help package it properly.

Transform Your Snack Food Brand and Build Your Business with Stand Up Pouch Bags

Saturday, January 11, 2014 by

Stand Up Pouch BagsAre you looking for a way to build your snack food brand and business? We have an easy, effective solution in the form of custom stand up packaging. Whether you deal in snacks, granola, spices, or cereal, our pouch bags do a lot more than playing the role of packaging. They also help to market your product and keep it fresh and ready for retail. We make sure that our bags will keep snacks and other food products fresh by using materials suited for the product in question. We work with you to see if your product needs foil, metalized film, or other materials designed to keep your product fresher for longer periods of time.

That's going to help with marketing to a certain degree but we also help you compete with bigger companies by making custom bags specifically suited for your brand. For example, our graphics department can work with you to see which colors work best with the bag materials in question, and we use the same high quality rotogravure printing process as the big snack companies. That process results in bolder, brighter colors and higher quality graphics that in turn help to give your product a successful, highly professional appearance. Not to mention, we also make it easier to build your business by providing you with recyclable pouches that are the lowest cost packaging option around.

Watch this and our other videos to learn how our flexible food packaging can help transform your brand and build your snack food business.

Why Standup Bags Are the Best Packaging Solution for Granola

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Everybody loves granola. This low sugar breakfast and snack food is healthy for both children and adults. If you are a granola manufacturer, you should make sure that the packaging method you select protects your mix and increases its shelf life.

Although there are options like cardboard boxes, let us assure you that stand up pouches are the best packaging method for granola. Why? Let’s see…

These flexible pouches are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. A small manufacturer just needs to apply their label on the pouch and start selling granola. They are cheaper than cardboard boxes, and custom printed standup pouches have wide front and back areas where companies can print their logos, attractive graphics, and useful product information. It is a well-known fact that products that come wrapped in attractive packets sell more because they readily grab attention.

Our barrier pouches are made by laminating together several layers of high quality barrier films. These films protect the contents from several external factors like dirt, moisture, sunlight, and pollution. Stand up pouches for food effectively lock in the flavor of granola (or other cereals) and prevent bad odors. They do not chemically react with the food items packaged inside.

We can also add windows to the pouches, as customers generally want to make sure that the cereal or granola is fresh before they buy it.

How to Extend the Shelf Life of Your Granola

Saturday, January 4, 2014 by

Granola PackagingIf you are a granola manufacturer, you will definitely want to extend its shelf life. Here are some steps for doing that.

Step one: Use high quality materials
Use good quality ingredients to make granola. If the ingredients - the rolled oats, dried fruits, nuts, and puffed rice - are of low quality, you can't expect the mix to have a good shelf life. In addition, low quality ingredients affect the taste. If your granola doesn't taste good, consumers won't buy it again.

Step two: Roast/bake it in hygienic surroundings
Make sure that your granola is baked in a hygienic environment. The machines used in the baking process may also affect its shelf life.

Step three: Use food grade packaging
This factor is often overlooked, but it plays a crucial role in increasing or decreasing the shelf life of a food item. The right packaging will protect granola from harmful environmental factors such as moisture, light, germs, and odor. Since exposure to any of these elements will seriously affect the quality of your granola, you need the packaging that is strong and puncture resistant.

Several granola manufacturers now use stand up pouches to package their product. Standup pouches are made from materials approved by FDA and do not chemically react with the food items packed inside. These bags are quite durable and tough because they are made of several layers of strong barrier films. And when these foil pouches are made with special materials, they will also protect granola from UV light.

The kind of ink used in printing is also important. Our standup pouches are custom printed using rotogravure technology with specially chosen inert inks that do not react with food.

Design Attractive Artwork with Rachel Ortiz

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 by

There are four variables in stand up pouch packaging. They are:

(a) Size
(b) Material structure
(c) Features
(d) Artwork

In this post, we will focus on the artwork.

Artwork is a relatively difficult part of manufacturing tea, granola, or coffee bags wholesale. It is difficult because of the sheer variety available at your fingertips. The choice is overwhelming. It makes it harder to take a decision. It is here that Rachel Ortiz can help you.

Rachel is our chief designer. She is smart and knowledgeable. Upon taking charge of a project, the first thing she does is to put you at ease with her vast knowledge. She will review your existing design and provides suggestions to improve it. Or if you don’t have a design, she will listen to you and create an artwork from scratch based on your ideas. She can brainstorm and come up with professional and unique design for your packaging. Also, she can help you choose between clear, Mylar (metalized), and foil. Clear pouches are attractive and foil pouches have great barrier properties.

With Rachel by your side, you can rest assured that the artwork on your packaging will be second-to-none. You can view some of Rachel’s artwork on our website. The following video also contains images of some of her designs.

What Use is a Clear Window in Stand Up Packaging?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 by

You can tell a story using poems, comics, or plain simple text. There are many, many ways to tell a story. You can learn calculus from video games, philosophy from novels, and you can dissect the historical development of comics in essays. In this post, you will discover a novel way to tell the story of your product.

Standup pouches are a creative way to package your food product. Their large surface area on the front and back offers you a large canvas. You can utilize this canvas to tell the story of your product - ‘what makes it unique?’, ‘what qualities make it better than its competitors?’, and other small and big interesting bits of information.

Communication experts say that we do not merely communicate through words. Gestures and expressions on our faces also play an important role. According to the Wikipedia article on “Nonverbal communication,” a focused person uses all five senses to receive a message. Of all five senses, hearing (11 percent) plays a smaller role compared to sight (83 percent). In colloquial language, most of the information that our brain receives comes through our eyes. Transparent windows capitalize on this information.

A clear window in a stand up pouch is a transparent part of the packaging. Consumers can see through this transparent window. This approach to packaging has twofold advantages - it lets consumers view a product before buying, and it lets consumers monitor usage.

When a consumer can see the fresh granola, coffee beans, tea, flour, and other food products without tearing open a pouch, they are more likely to buy it. A transparent window sends across the message that you are sure of the quality of your product. It makes them confident of your product, and makes them more likely to pay for it.

Once your product has been bought, a transparent window helps consumers monitor consumption. When they can notice how much of the product they have used, and they will turn up to buy more before all of it has been exhausted.

Transparent windows are strong. If you want awesome looking granola or nut packaging, you must try them. A transparent window gives the customer more confidence to buy your product. Yet, it does not compromise either on security or quality packaging in stand up bags. If you are interested in learning more about how clear films can help you tell your story, we suggest you to visit our website. There you’ll find ample information on foil pouches.

Best Cereal Packaging through Stand Up Pouches

Sunday, November 10, 2013 by

If you are looking for food pouches packaging for granola, cereals, or a similar product; consider There are excellent reasons to choose us for your packaging requirements.

(a) Extensive knowledge

We have an extensive knowledge in packaging granola, cereals, and other products. We use this knowledge to help you get the right pouch bags. What’s selling in the market? What’s hot- we know it all and use this knowledge to make sure your product sells.

(b) Right materials

The experts at work hard to choose the right materials for your product. The choice of materials depends on several factors – mode of transport, product ingredients, market climate, and end consumers (retail or industrial). We listen to you. We ask questions. We inquire about your business goals to suggest you materials that suit your needs.

(c) Lowest minimum run

At, we provide the lowest minimum run available anywhere in the industry. You can order as few as 5,000 custom printed stand up bags. The average cost of our pouches is between 15 and 20 cents apiece. In comparison, cardboard boxes cost more than 35 cents and the price of a tin can easily cross 60 cents.

(d) Variety

We have a range of pouches to suit your requirements. You can opt for clear, metalized, or foil pouches. The choice is not limited to the materials. You’ll find a lot of variety in design as well. We can shape your packaging to resemble almost anything. Plus the choice of colors is virtually unlimited.

(e) Graphics department

We have our own graphics department to create professional, unique, and attractive designs for your packaging. Our designers convey your story to consumers in a way that is attractive, yet within the bounds of professionalism. An attractive design is essential to make sales in today’s crowded supermarkets.

This is not all. We have left out a lot of things. There are plenty of other reasons to choose – food grade materials, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval, water-based non-leeching inks, a proven process, and plenty more. Please visit our website to learn how you can benefit from Our website contains ample information on every aspect of stand up pouches. Alternatively, you can contact us through phone or email. We will be glad to help you.

Four Ways Stand Up Packaging Will Transform Your Food Business

Friday, November 8, 2013 by

If you deal in food- granola, cereals, grains, spices, pancake mixes, or anything else- we have a lot of excellent packaging options for you. Here you will discover four ways in which stand up pouches can transform your food business:

(1) Stand up pouches build your brand

The structure of stand up bags provides you with a large canvas to build your brand. You can use this large surface area to tell your story- to communicate with consumers and to tell them what makes your product different or otherwise special. We have our own graphics department. Our graphics team can tell your story in an elegant and professional way that sticks around and improves brand recognition.

(2) Flexible pouches protect your product

Stand up bags are made from several layers of films. These films have different properties – some are designed to guard against moisture, while others form a guard against UV rays. As a food business, you can choose the films that give your product the best protection. You can choose between clear, metalized, and foil films. About the quality of the films- we use only the highest quality FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved materials. These materials keep your product safe and fresh for longer.

(3) Pouch bags are environment friendly

In this era when the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change has declared that it is 95 percent certain that humans are to blame for the current warming of the climate, it makes moral and business sense to turn your practice environment friendly. Environmentalists propagate three ways to save the environment – reduce, reuse, and recycle. A use of stand up bags reduces the amount of energy and resources that go into packaging. Resealable bags are reusable. Stand up pouches are recyclable. Together these three qualities make these bags a greener alternative.

(4) Lowest cost option

In the last paragraph we said it makes a business sense to use stand up pouches but we did not elaborate. Let’s deal with it now. Stand up pouches are the lowest cost packaging option that’s available. Compared to bottles, jars, tins, boxes, boxes with bags, and cardboard cartons; stand up pouches are the cheapest of the bunch.

Stand up bags are environment friendly, they build your brand, and protect your product without breaking your bank. If you are interested in learning more, consider visiting our website. It contains information on every aspect of creative food packaging.

Educate Your Customers with Creative Food Packaging

Thursday, November 7, 2013 by

We have talked many times about how pouches can help you tell your story. In this post, we will talk about a lesser known feature of stand up pouch bags.

Did you know you can educate your customers with stand up pouches? We are not talking about creating experts. By education, we mean providing consumers with information, based on which they can infer why your product is better than alternatives.

Does your coffee come from some exotic place in Asia or Africa? You can educate customers by talking a bit about the history of that place, why its coffee is so great, and other relevant information on your coffee pouches.

If you are into tea, you can adopt a similar strategy for tea packaging. Stand up packaging for pet food, nuts, granola, cereals, pancake mixes, and other food products is not very different either. You can use the packaging as a canvas to educate your customers.

Stand up pouches provide a large canvas. You can be creative here. You can talk about many things on the large front of the bag, or the huge back, to talk about things that make your product unique.

While educating consumers is a great marketing strategy, as a business you will have to beware of information overload- providing more information than most consumers can digest. Too much of data will make them put your product back again on the store shelf.

An intelligent way out of this conundrum is to use QR codes. These codes will help more inquisitive consumers satiate their curiosity by following the links hidden in them. At the same time, these little designs will not burden the average customer with excess information. A small code is preferable to a large body of text. We have experience in working on QR codes. We can work with you on creation of presentations.

You can also use advanced, high-end rotogravure printing. This printing allows you to imprint information in clear, legible, and bold colors. Consumers will love it when they can read without first groping for their glasses in their pockets.

There are several other ways to educate your consumers about stand up packaging. We have a proven process to help you in every step of the way. You can visit our website to learn more about this and other features of stand up pouches. There are ample resources there, dealing with every aspect of stand up packaging.

Build Your Brand with Clear Plastic Bags

Thursday, November 7, 2013 by

You don’t always have to spend thousands of dollars to build a brand. If you are into food business, you can build a brand with clear plastic bags without breaking your bank. Let us discuss four simple ways in which you can use custom printed pouch bags to build a brand:

(1) Reduce packaging costs

There is no quicker and long-lasting method to build a brand than to focus on your strength- your core business competency.

If you are into tea, coffee, nuts, granola, or some other food business, it makes more business sense to spend your energy on improving the quality of your food products than to focus on non-core aspects of business.

Our inexpensive custom printed food pouches packaging can reduce your packaging costs by as much as 75 percent. This saved money can be directed towards making your product better.

(2) Custom printing

What color is “Coca Cola” written in? What do four white squares represent on a blue background, if not “Microsoft?” These are merely two examples from a long list that covers brands’ links with a unique and custom design.

You can use the same strategy by using unique and professional designs for your packaging. These designs stick in your consumers’ mind. The consumers remember your product, and they are more likely to recommend it.

You can take advantage of unique designs through our custom printed standup pouches. At, we have our own design team. The team can create either a new design from scratch, or it can modify an existing design.

(3) Quality artwork

There are two popular printing techniques- rotogravure and flexographic. Flexographic printing has been around for more than a century. It is a tried and tested horse. Rotogravure is a relatively new technique. It produces artwork in bold and crisp colors. The big players in most industries prefer rotogravure printing to flexographic. We use high-end rotogravure printing on our pouches. This printing enables you to compete with the biggest name in your industry and ultimately build a brand.

(4) Proven process

A quality product and a quality service are two essentials to build a brand. We have a proven process with which we can bring your product to large retail chains- Target, Whole Food, WalMart - and small mom and pop stores faster and more efficiently.

If you want to build a brand, clear plastic bags are up to the task. They are a flexible and creative food packaging. They are inexpensive. We can make it even better with our proven process.