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David MarinacGreetings everyone, I'm David Marinac+, President and CEO of StandUpPouches.net.  Personally I've been in the packaging business for over 25 years and have developed a reputation as a "problem solver" for those hard to fix packaging issues.  I have the unique ability to take complicated situations and problems and find/develop/explore answers and explain them in easy-to-understand ways for non-packaging folks without insulting those friends and collegues who know a thing or two about packaging. 

The purpose of this blog is really to help explain all the facets of packaging products using stand up pouches.  Stand up pouches are commonly referred to as stand bags or stand up bags and are used extensively to package items such as:

  • cereal
  • pet food
  • chocolate
  • spices
  • vitamins

There are stock and plain stand bags that a client can apply a label to or custom and printed pouches with stunning photographic images printed with 10+ colors and one of the fastest growing segments of our business is using spouted pouches for packaging liquids such as sports drinks and even alcohol.

There are many issues and concerns customers have regarding stand bags such as material selections that will work best for their product and keep it fresher for longer, printing and artwork fears, color choices, manufacturing processes, and even shipping.  I want to use this blog to help simplify and explain all that we know in the hopes that you'll feel comfortable using stand up pouches for your product as well.

Our goal is to help our clients "Compete With The Big Boys" in your industry and win!  We are confident that stand bags will enable you to protect your product while building your business and your brand like never before. 

Stand Up Pouches for Oatmeal

Thursday, March 20, 2014 by

oatmeal in a stand up pouchTrending

When it comes to packaging, nothing catches a buyer's eye faster food packaging in stand up pouches.  A recent post on Amazon says it best: “To be honest, I tried this oatmeal because I thought the packaging looked nice … tasted better ... can't wait for more flavors!” 

Stand up pouches are ideal for cereals (think granola) and exotic oatmeals (think Quinoa) and even Quaker Oatmeal.  These packaging solutions are quietly being showcased on cereal aisles across the U.S. While it's too early to tell if a trend is emerging, it's worth noting that there is wide global acceptance of pouch packaging for oatmeal, dry and liquid products, food and non-food product lines..

This is not to say the cereal packaging industry has chosen to replace the tried and true plastic bag insert in cardboard boxes.  That packaging solution has been around for a very long time in the U.S. But it is safe to say that stand up pouches made of recyclable, renewable, flexible, puncture resistant barrier film oxygen absorbers will lock out harmful elements and keep products fresher longer.

Stand Up Pouches come with a variety of options including zip locks for easy open, easy close;  tear notches, hanging holes, pour spouts, handles, and if needed gas release valves.

Our pouches feature oxygen absorbers, high-barrier film, custom printed designs rotogravure imprinted with eco-friendly paints to create visually stunning packaging solutions that showcase beautifully on store shelves. Big or small, tall or stout, flat bottom or stand up, spouted or zip locked, pouch packaging will always grab attention on store shelves.  Why not visit StandUpPouches.NET and request SAMPLE PACKS – it’s easy and FREE.

Check Out Our Videos to Better Understand Our Flexible Pouches

Sunday, March 16, 2014 by

When you choose to package your product using flexible pouches, we like to make the process as easy and simple as possible for you. Still, the process we use is fairly involved and can be complex for many to understand. That’s why we’ve created a number of videos for you to browse through that really breaks it all down and makes it much easier for you to understand.

We suggest that you begin with this YouTube video, in which we explain all the different processes and methods you’ll be able to learn more about in the series. Some of those are how we create our stand up bags, involving everything from the materials used to the different types that are available. Other videos focus on custom printing, how we match colors, and other elements that will directly affect your product and how it looks on the store shelves. The printing process for our stand up packaging is also explained in yet another video, so that you know just what’s involved, and how long it should take.

Truthfully, even though we try to make the process easy for you, we also want you to fully understand our packaging process, and just how it will make your product even better. Start checking out the videos today and then contact us to find out more about how we can help you!

How Our FDA-Approved Stand up Pouch Bags Benefit Your Product

Saturday, March 15, 2014 by

We’ve talked extensively about how our stand up pouch bags are scientifically created to ensure that your product inside is kept nice and fresh – from the time the pouch bags are made, until your customer opens them up. But did you know that our stand up packaging is also FDA-approved? And with that comes even more benefits.

In this YouTube video, we explain just why that is. One of those reasons is because you’ll always know that there’s nothing within the bag that could harm or taint your product in any way. And having that peace of mind when it comes to maintaining the integrity of your product goes a very long way in the overall production process.

Another benefit of using FDA-approved bags is being able to tell your customers that you’ve taken the greatest care in manufacturing your product, packaging it and storing it to ensure that it’s not only fresh when they get it, but that it’s also completely safe.

Here at standuppouches.net, we want to help you package your product properly. And we believe that means using only the highest quality of bags, and that starts by ensuring they’re FDA-approved.

You Know What the Benefits of Your Product Are, Now Tell Your Customers Using Your Stand up Pouch Bags

Saturday, March 15, 2014 by

The benefits that your product holds over the competition is something you think about from the first day you even imagine creating your product. What makes it better than the rest? Why will it last longer? What makes it so delicious? Whatever it is about your product, there’s something that makes it so great, and there’s a reason your customers should buy yours rather than purchase the competition’s. Now, you can use your stand up pouch bags to tell them about those benefits held by your product alone.

In this YouTube video, we explain just how you can do that. By utilizing the empty canvas that is the back of the stand up packaging, you can tell your customers about all the benefits your product has over any other they might find on the store shelves, and also use it to build your brand. You can show your customers how you keep with even the most advanced technology by placing a QR code on the back of the pouch bags, along with a presentation to go with it.

Watch the video to learn more about how we can help you achieve all of this and more, and then contact us. Because it’s your product. We just want to help you package it properly.

See How Stand Up Bags Really are the Most Affordable Option

Saturday, March 15, 2014 by

When it comes time to package your product, you already know there are tons of options out there for you. Bottles, can, boxes, bags within boxes, these are just a few of the options you’ll have to choose from. But in addition to helping your product stand out and look great, what’s the best one for your company to use? And which ones won’t break the bank?

The answer is our stand up bags. Stand up packaging involves just one process of getting just one bag to hold your product for the customer. But there’s so much you can do with that bag! We can put a spout on it for you, create an auger filling, even create a pouch that can be cooked with the product right inside. No other type of packaging allows you all of this, and we pride ourselves on not just being the best, but also the most affordable option.

We explain more in this YouTube video, where you’ll also be able to see some examples of our flexible pouches and how they’ll work for you and your product. Check out the video and then contact us today. Because we don’t want to just help you package your product properly. We also want to ensure that it’s going to be affordable for you to do it.


Using the Back of Stand up Packaging to Interact with Your Customers

Friday, March 14, 2014 by

We’ve already talked to you extensively about how you can use stand up packaging to educate your customers about how you’re better than your competitors, tell them your brand’s story, and even tell them more about the actual product. But did you know that you can also use the back of stand up pouch bags to interact with your customers? And that when you do, they’re likely to think of your company above anyone else when they’re in need of your product?

This is the issue we delve into in one of our more recent YouTube videos. In it we explain how you can use this space and make truly creative food packaging that will set your company and your product apart from all the others. You can do this through QR codes, PowerPoint presentations, and a number of other things that will get your customer engaged and establish your product as the best over all the rest.

Watch the video and then contact us today to find out more about how we can help. It’s your product. We want to help you package it properly, and reach out to customers so you can sell more of it!

All the Same Fine Quality as the Big Boys, Without the Cost in Our Stand up Pouch Bags

Friday, March 14, 2014 by

When you choose to use stand up pouch bags from us here at standuppouches.net, you’ll get the same great quality of pouch bags that you would receive from the big boys in the industry. You’ll get the exact same type of material, and you’ll also get custom printing that sets your product apart from all the others that are out there. So what’s different when you let us create your stand up packaging? We can do it for just a fraction of the cost.

In this YouTube video, you’ll see the many different ways that we’re able to do that. Not only do we start by simply offering our bags at a lower total cost than anyone else, we also allow you to order much lower runs – and we still keep the cost very low for you. Others will charge you even more for this, based on the principle that they need to make up for the time lost printing just a small amount of bags for you. We don’t buy that, and we don’t believe in it. We believe that you should only pay for the amount of bags you order, and that you should be able to order as many of them as you need – no more, and no less.

Watch the video and then contact us today to find out more. We want to help you package your product properly, and we want to keep it affordable for you at the same time.

Why is Our Dog Treat Packaging Better than the Rest?

Friday, March 14, 2014 by

When it comes time to choose the dog treat packaging you’ll use for your dog or pet food product, you need to make sure it’s the very best available. We’re proud to tell you that here at standuppouches.net, that’s us. And we’ve created this YouTube video to tell you just why we’re better than the rest.

In the video, we’ll tell you about just a few reasons why our stand up pouch bags are better than any other you’ll find. One of those reasons is that, unlike the major names in the industry, we’ll take the time to really get to know your product. We believe it’s the only way to truly understand you, your company, and your product; and we also know it’s the only way to get ensure we’re packaging pet food properly, and in the environment it requires.

When you choose to let us package your pet food product, it’s more than just filling in an order form online and hoping your product arrives. We really take the time to understand your product’s specific needs, and what you need in the way of budgeting and marketing. Watch the video and then contact us today to see for yourself that we really are better than the rest.

At the End of the Day, It’s the Material of the Stand up Pouch Bags That Keeps Your Product Fresh

Thursday, March 13, 2014 by

There are a lot of decisions you’ll need to make when it’s time to choose the stand up pouch bags that will properly hold and store your product. But among the choices of size, print, and everything else that goes into your stand up packaging, at the end of the day it really all comes down to the type of material you use.

In this YouTube video you’ll learn more about the type of bags we use, and the material that will ensure your product stays fresh. How do we do that? Because we use only plastic, clear, and foil pouches that are scientifically proven to keep products placed within them fresh – from the time you create it to the time it reaches your customers.

Watch the video to learn more about those materials, and why they’re really the best choice you could make to store and protect your product. We’ve got that material, and we’ve got it at a more affordable price than anyone else in the industry. Call us to day to find out more!

Learn More about Flexible Food Packaging That Will Keep Your Product Fresher for Longer

Thursday, March 13, 2014 by

Clear pouches, foil pouches, plastic pouches, and more. When it comes to the flexible food packaging for your health food product, which one is the best type to choose? In this YouTube video you’ll learn about how whichever one you choose with us, you’ll be getting the best barrier film that’s scientifically proven to keep your product fresher for longer.

It’s not just the barrier film that our stand up pouch bags are made from that will keep your product fresh either. It’s also the fact that we take the time to truly understand you and your product, and create stand up pouches that will be able to keep your product fresh under any conditions. We’ll look at how you ship it, where you store it, and other conditions and environments your product will be placed in that will affect its freshness.

Watch the video today and then contact us to learn more. There’s more to keeping your product fresh than just barrier film and where your product is stored. But these are two of the very important steps we’ll cover with you, to do what’s best for your product.

3 Reasons to Choose Our Stand Up Pouch Bags

Thursday, March 13, 2014 by

We pride ourselves on the fact that we’re able to provide our customers with high-quality stand up pouch bags that can not only compete with the other big players in the industry, but can even edge them out and deliver you a better foil pouch for your product. We’ve created this YouTube video explaining just how we’re able to do it, and the three benefits you’ll receive when using our stand up packaging.

  • Materials used. Plastic, foil pouches, barrier bags, whatever you choose to store your product in, we can help. Our materials are not only the best in the business, they’re also scientifically designed to properly protect and store your product.
  • Marketing. Not only are our stand up bags great for protecting your product, they’re also great in helping build your brand. On our packaging there’s a lot of room to tell your customers about your business, why you’re better than the rest, and anything else that will help sell your product and move it off the shelves.
  • Sustainability. Did you know that our stand up bags are 100% recyclable? So you don’t have to feel bad about using them for your product, and your customers can feel good about using them.

There are many reasons to choose our stand up bags over any other, but these are certainly three of the biggest benefits you’ll find.

Do You Want Your Stand up Packaging to Have a Window?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 by

If you need the right creative food packaging for your health food product, stand up packaging might be what you’re looking for. Not only do these types of food pouches packaging help educate your customers, but they also give you the option of placing a window on the front so that they – and everyone else – can see your product as soon as they see your bag.

As you’ll see in this YouTube video, windows on packaging aren’t an option that everyone will want to choose. Sometimes windows can interfere with the storage of the product, and other times your product simply might not be displayed best when customers can see it all at once. Even the most attractive products sometimes just don’t work well when displayed through a window on a stand up bag.

Placing, or not placing, a window on your stand up pouches is just one of the many decisions we can help you with when you order those stand up pouches from us. Watch the video and then contact us to see how we can help you sell your product, in any way you need.

The Three Parts of Our Process That Set Our Stand up Pouch Bags Apart

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 by

There’s a lot that goes into our stand up pouch bags that make it not just the best stand up packaging you could just, but also that we’re the best company you could decide to work with on your pouch bags. In this YouTube video, we tell you about the three main parts of our process that allow us to do just that.

  • Videos and presentations. These you’ll find on our website and on our YouTube channel. Each will walk you through any given part of our process from the printing of custom bags to the marketing of them and helping you choose the material and the size of your stand up pouches.
  • Graphic design team. Our graphic design team will work with yours as little or as much as you choose, to ensure that you get the exact logo, colors, and look that you want.
  • Trained project managers. To ensure that everything goes perfectly, one of our trained project managers will walk you through everything beginning to end, and help you with any decision you need to make.

Watch the video and then contact us to find out more about our process, and how it can help you make sure your product is packaged properly.

Confused about Stand Up Packaging and How It Fits Your Product?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 by

When it comes to stand up packaging, there’s a lot to know. What kinds of material should you use? What types are available? Should you choose custom print, stock, or plain stand up pouch bags – and what is the difference between them? How do you even begin to market them – and how can you get the shelf space that’s so important to your product?

It can be a lot to think about, and it can be overwhelming for many business owners. That’s why we’ve put together this YouTube video to show you that we can help with all those decisions – and any others that come up along the way. In the video you’ll hear a little about the types of materials available, including a plastic barrier bag or a foil pouch, and the benefits of custom bags over stock or plain bags. We’ll even tell you a bit about our graphic design team, and how they can work with your own team should you need a bit of help in that department.

We can provide you with all the help you need for your stand up bags, and ours are of the highest quality you’ll find on the market today. Watch the video, and then contact us today to find out just what we can do for you and your product.

Using Non Food Pouches Packaging to Educate Your Customers

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 by

You may have seen a beef jerky bag on the shelf before, or other creative food packaging and thought that it might be right for packaging your non-food product. You may have also just as quickly dismissed the idea due to the fact that you just didn’t think it would work with non food pouches packaging. We’re here to tell you that stand up pouches can be just the thing for non-food products, and how they can even help educate your customers.

If you’re selling seeds, agriculture products, pesticides, chemicals, or other type of non-food product that needs special consideration with storage and protecting it from the elements, you know that this can be intimidating to customers. They often associate some of these products with danger, or something that could be harmful to them and their family. Now you can use stand up packaging to educate them and tell them about the benefits of your product, including the safety of it.

In this YouTube video we show you how you can do that using stand up packaging alone. We point out all the real estate that’s there for your branding, and how you can use it to teach your customers about your product and your company. Watch the video and then contact us today. Because it’s your product, we just want to help you package it properly.

Need to Know More about Our Stand up Packaging? Check Out the Videos on Our Website

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 by

Sometimes business owners think that stand up packaging would be perfect for their product, but they’re not entirely sure how to get it, or the process that’s involved. Thinking it’s far too complicated, unfortunately sometimes business owners walk away before they even start to find out just how easy it is – and how much it can help their business.

If you venture out on your own to design and print your own stand up pouch bags, you may find it very complicated and overwhelming. And unfortunately, because some of the big players in the industry leave you very much on your own, that may be what you experience when you work with them as well. When you order your creative food packaging from us here at standuppouches.net though, you’ll have someone that will help every step of the way. And, we have videos and presentations on our website that break down the entire process as well.

Start by checking out this introductory YouTube video. In it you’ll see just how we can help, and where you can begin finding that help. We do want to help you package your product properly, and we know it’s difficult to do on your own. When you work with us, you don’t have to.

How Can Dog Treat Packaging Protect Your Product?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 by

You know that just like us, the pets of the world would prefer that their food be as fresh as possible when it comes home from the store. And that’s why, you as a pet food business owner, know that your dog treat packaging needs to do more than just contain your product. Here at standuppouches.net, we know it too. And that’s why we ensure that all of our stand up pouch bags are designed to fully protect your product. To explain further, we’ve created this YouTube video that explains it all.

The main protective layer comes in the barrier bag, which is an actual barrier protecting your product from sun, moisture, air, and is even puncture-resistant. This, combined with the auger filling or vacuum seal we can use for your bag, are all features that will ensure your product is always at its freshest – from the time it goes into the bag, until the time it’s opened by the customer.

Watch the video and then contact us today to find out more about our stand up packaging and how it can help protect your product.

Product Managers Are Part of The Process for Our Stand up Pouch Bags

Monday, March 10, 2014 by

When it’s time to order your stand up pouch bags, you might be intimidated by the entire process and are probably even wondering where you might begin. In this YouTube video you’ll see and hear just how we’ll help you every step of the way, so that you not only get the stand up packaging you want, but also that the entire process is as easy for you as possible.

Our product managers are just one of the ways in which we’ll help you throughout the entire process of getting the right pouch bags for you. This product manager will help you with every decision, as little or as much as you need. If you need help choosing the right size of stand up pouch, the right type of material, or need help designing the actual bag with your company’s name and logo, your product manager will make sure you understand all of the options available to you; and which ones will help sell more of your product.

There is a lot that goes into designing the right stand up pouches, but it’s nothing to feel intimated or overwhelmed by. Work with us here at standuppouches.net, and see just how easy it is to package your product properly.


Why Custom Printed Stand up Pouch Bags Help Sell Your Product

Monday, March 10, 2014 by

We talk a lot about how stand up pouch bags can help keep your product fresh. But using stand up packaging has more benefits than just protecting your product. It can actually help sell more of that product, and help build your brand.

In this YouTube video, you’ll see just how we do that. With custom printed pouch bags, you can tell customers about your company, the story behind it and the product you’re selling, and even why your product is better than the competition’s. With every purchase, your customer is actually buying into not only your company, but your advertising too because they will see it every time they use it. Not to mention the exposure it will gain just by being visible on the store shelves.

And you don’t need to worry about it if you’re unsure of just how to design your stand up pouches. Our graphic design team does, and they can work with you if you need them to ensure you get the exact design and packaging you’re looking for. Watch the YouTube video to learn more, and then contact us. It’s your product, we just want to help you package it properly.

Who Are the “Big Boys” in Stand Up Packaging that You’re Competing Against?

Monday, March 10, 2014 by

For many small to medium-sized companies, competing with the “Big Boys” is somewhat of a dream. While they’d like to think that their stand up packaging will sit alongside the packages of the Big Boys one day, they have no idea how to make that happen without getting blasted right out of the water. And it’s for this reason that those small business owners are scared to take that first step in competing with them. But just because you’re a small or medium-sized business doesn’t mean that you can’t compete with them, or even triumph over them when it comes to what your customers want.

It’s an intimidating thought for many, but it doesn’t have to be. Competing with the big competition such as Proctor and Gamble isn’t difficult, and we can show you how to do it. We’ve put together this YouTube video in which we’ll explain to you just how you can compete with the major players, and how you can do it all through your creative food packaging. We’ll work with you to help design your stand up foil pouches and even market them, so your company’s name can become just as big as any other.

Watch the video and then contact us today to find out more about how we can help you package your product properly; and compete with the Big Boys!